ChaeWon Moon is a visual artist living and working in Brooklyn. Her practice focuses on the inevitable failure behind order and rule; sensing nonsense from the organized logic is a central idea of her practice. She borrows pictures and texts from manuals and reassembles them into a non-functional system. The work reflects her interest in the tension between order and playful illegibility, and also ambivalence caused by this conflict. She constructs the rebus that refused to decoded. Her work reads as dark humor about attempts to control the situation that only need an ideal result from the process. By deconstructing and rebuilding the structure of the manual, which is designed to point the answer or the goal, she parodies familiarity and perfection. In her work, the structure that supposed to present a concrete and helpful solution becomes a tool to address the intended misunderstanding. 

Moon’s work have been exhibited in group exhibitions across the US, including CIRCA Gallery (Minneapolis, MN), Ejecta Projects (Carlisle, PA), Ground Floor Gallery (Brooklyn, NY). Recently she received Artist Fellowship from AHL Foundation, and selected as a member of 2020 Glogau Artist Residency in Berlin, Germany.